Bimetal Rivets | Solid Rivet | Silver Alloy Wire Manufacturer Gurgaon India
Quality Control
Our Quality Control programme is primarily based on prevention rather than detection of faults. In our modern plant, our aim is to consistently satisfy our customers by ensuring that the products meet the contractual requirements of quality and are delivered on time. For this purpose, Quality assurance measures are employed from the initial stages of production i.e. buying of raw material till output of the finished product. Quality check-up is done with latest Quality Testing Machines by qualified personnel. Company has invested a huge sum of money in Quality control equipments to ensure that the product passes rigorous Quality tests with zero defect tolerance. We also have a Life Testing Machine to test the life of the Bimetal Contact.
Working on TQM (Total Quality Management) principles, we equip each of our personnel with the knowledge and resources required to successfully contribute towards our on-going search for excellence.